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A Prayer for the Nation

Dear Lord, we say God bless America, almost as nonchalantly as “have a good day”

Rather than using words void of meaning, Lord, help us to refresh how we hear and use these words.

So, God bless the Americans who have and continue to serve in our military.

God bless the Americans who drive our trucks, harvest our produce.

God bless the Americans who work two jobs to make ends meet and the teenager who struggles in school.

God bless the Americans who educate our children and create jobs.

Yet Lord, the fullest meaning of these three words is God blessed America.

You blessed us with a long growing season, abundant natural resources, and faithful rain.

You blessed America with two broad oceans and two peaceful neighbors.

You blessed America with the boldest people from the four corners of the earth

Who had the courage to come,

Which turned into the courage to build,

That provides the courage to fight when necessary and

Produces the courage to love through trying circumstances.

We are reminded today that those who have been blessed the most are called to be a blessing to others. So, Lord, may America continue be a funnel of your blessings instead of a cup.

May we share your blessings, not hoard them, in the name of the One who is the giver of all good and perfect gifts we pray, Amen

John Roy

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