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September 11th, All These Years Later

Lord these are hard words to pray. September 11th is a hard day to remember. We knew it then, as we watched the terror unfold, that our world had changed. That what was routine in Israel, Turkey, and Syria was coming to our home. We had become comfortable, feeling protected by two wide seas and the largest military in the world, that nothing could happen to us.

We learned much that day and since. We learned that all heroes don’t wear uniforms, some wear suits covered in ash. We learned that we are stronger together than alone. We learned that no matter how wide the ocean we are not beyond the reach of evil. We learned that you were our comfort and strength.

Nevertheless, these words are hard. Because what we confess from our mouth is not what we feel in our hearts. We struggle with letting go. We struggle with being afraid. We struggle with holding specific groups of people accountable. We know the scripture says, “do not be afraid” and we know we are taught to love people and not to judge the many by the actions of a few. This is our struggle.

As we remember today may we remember wisely. May we remember the lives that were lost that day. May we remember the men and women, fireman, policeman, physicians, and citizens who put aside their own safety to carry, bandage, or help others. May we remember the countless generous souls who gave money to scholarship funds for the children of the deceased so that while they must grow up without a parent they will not be robbed of opportunity. May we remember our leaders who pulled together and lived out the best values of the American spirit.

Grant us courage for living with the tension of being a free people. Grant us the strength to re-build, more than towers but trust. Grant us the ability to “fear not” because you are with us. In the name of Jesus, our Savior and teacher, we pray, Amen.

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