Pelham Road Baptist Church

1108 Pelham Road, Greenville SC 29615

Phone: 864-288-3283

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Child Development Center

1108-B Pelham Road, Greenville SC 29615


Phone: 864-288-7674

What to Expect at PRBC during COVID 19

Calm is Contagious, Too

When the history of these days are told, those who overreacted will be forgiven for caring too much, but those who were deaf will long be remembered for what was left undone.


Given the of 'State of Emergency' in our nation and the temporary closing of our schools in South Carolina, difficult decisions need to be made. A balance between being the presence of Christ and not creating more risk must be maintained. Further with the news changing swiftly, and best practices changing daily, the family of God must be flexible, courageous, prayerful, and supportive.

Effective March 16, all Pelham Road Baptist Church in person worship and weekly activities have been suspended through April 12. Please join us online by clicking the Community During Covid link below.



Pelham Road is a unique Baptist church in Greenville.
We are a progressive, welcoming congregation.



Women's Retreat

 Community means something different to each of us, yet by its very definition, it also unites us. One of the most natural and organic communities is the connection women share. From stories of daily life to deepest joy and sorrow, there is a tie that binds women of all generations to one another.

Holy Week

Holy Week Schedule

April 5               Palm Sunday 

April 9               Maundy Thursday 

April 11             Good Friday 

April 12             Easter Sunday

Sunday Bible Study 10 am

Sunday worship 11 am 

Maundy Thursday, 6:45 pm


Dinner & Spiritual Formation

All Wednesday Night 

Activites have been suspended

through April 4.  Please check back

here for updates.

Join us!

You are welcome in the Pelham Road Baptist community!



All services and activities have been suspended until April 4th.  Please check our Community during Covid page and our Resources and Media page for sermons and weekly resources. 

Bible Study

10:00 AM

Worship Service

11:00 AM

Come experience the spirit of love on a weekly basis!

​Comfortable worship style. Come as you are.

We take God seriously, but not ourselves.

Services typically last about 45 minutes.

A Different Way To Be Baptist

We don’t mind when people skip church to feed the homeless. Women often preach here. Children help lead in worship.

Our congregation has been a bright light for those seeking a different but authentic church experience.  We are doing our best when we are not in the church building: feeding the homeless at Triune Mercy Center, serving students at local schools, and doing missions. This is BEING the church.

The center of what we do “at church” is worship, Bible study and fellowship.

We respect every person’s individual faith journey while working together to serve our community and our world. Our worship reflects this core concern.

Worship, Bible study, and fellowship.

This is the center of what we do “at church.”