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We ordain women because we baptize girls. Women preach, teach, and lead at Pelham Road Baptist Church

Click on photo to hear Lily Wood and other women preach and teach

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Pelham Road is a unique church in Greenville, South Carolina. A place where God’s grace is held out for each person. A place of welcome for all. A place of healing for everyone. A place where women and men serve as equals. A place where labels are banished. A place where religion is replaced by love for God and neighbor. A place where you can be you.

Welcome to Pelham Road Baptist Church
Take a tour with Elizabeth Eldridge
to experience Pelham Road on a Sunday morning.

Welcome to Online Worship
July 21, 2024

Our lives can feel pulled in all sorts of directions and we long to find our connection to God. We all struggle to find ways to connect with family and friends.  We see how much our community is in need and wish we could help. 


Pelham Road Baptist offers you a safe way to worship in person or online and find your connection to God. Discover new ways to connect with others, celebrate life together, and to make real differences in our community.


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onLine resources

Join us!

You are welcome in the Pelham Road Baptist community!



Morning Reflection 9:15 am
 Worship Service  11 am
Bible Study for all ages at 10 am
PelhamKids Children's Church 11 am

Online worship at 10 am on Facebook, YouTube, and this website.

Come experience the spirit of love on a weekly basis.

Guests are always welcome!

​Comfortable worship style. Come as you are.

We take God seriously, but not ourselves.

Services will last about 45 minutes .

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