We have a number of opportunities to serve musically at our church from Guitar Choirs to Accordions.  If you are looking to get involved with our music ministry, feel free to contact Sam Coates and we are more than happy to find a spot for you and your musical gifts.

Music inspires us, challenges us, and moves us.

Style is not as important as spirit and content. We may sing a traditional hymn arrangement, a southern gospel piece, a contemporary chorus, or something in between. Our rehearsals are lighthearted, we laugh as much as we sing. Children and youth get involved too with special opportunities to lead in worship.

Sanctuary Choir
Wednesday nights
6:45 pm in the sanctuary
Handbell Choir
Wednesday nights
6:45 - 7:30 pm


Greer Relief
Greer Relief

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Youth Mission Trip
Youth Mission Trip

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Greer Relief
Greer Relief

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Missions is THE center of our life together. We encourage our people to take initiative. They can begin a mission project or affirm and participate in numerous projects already in place.

Serving people will challenge you to stretch and grow in your love and faith.

Whether your next step is to dream your own dream, give money to a project, or participate in a local or global mission trip, we encourage you to make the decision to put a foot forward and take a step to go into God’s world.

A local issue we care deeply about is child abuse and hunger.

Currently we...
  • serve meals to the homeless
  • go on mission trips
  • grow a Giving Patch garden
  • support a community in Africa
  • support efforts to prevent child abuse and hunger
  • Spring Project Pinwheel (Greenville) to raise awareness for child safety and to protect children from abuse



Our adults tend to get involved based on their individual interests. All ages are welcome to attend Bible study classes, fellowship and service opportunities.

Learning. Fellowship. Growing our faith.

While were are worshiping in person, we are still online for several of our activities.  We hope you join us for any or all of the online offerings as we try to stay connected.


We DO have an opportunity to see each other face to face on Wednesdays as we gather for lunch at the picnic tables.  Bring your lunch and join us for casual dining and lots of laughter and catching up.  It's just so GOOD to see everyone!   

Pelham Roadsters

Lunch Bunch  
Logan's Roadhouse, 11:30  am



ANCHORED at Pelham Road is full of enriching and engaging involvement.  It’s all about fun with faith in a close community.

It’s all about fun with faith in a close community.

Centered around Hebrews 6:19, we aspire to provide meaningful and challenging lessons while leaving space for youthful fun. We believe that students have an opportunity to thrive and pursue the person God is calling them to be.

For monthly events we do things like family game night, roller-skating, and pool parties to further our comradeship with one another! Feel free to join us – we’d love to have you anchored in our community!

Youth Activities
Sundays 10 - 11 AM, FLC
Monthly events



We partner with parents to help children learn about God and have experiences that make them enjoy church.  We offer relevant Bible studies and many other fun, educational activities. "Little ones" even join us for the first minutes of worship on Sundays to better experience congregational life.

It’s all about fun with faith in a close community.

Children also serve as worship leaders on Sunday mornings...singing in worship, reading Scripture or offer the morning welcome. An experienced staff serves our nursery to provide care of babies and toddlers.


PelhamKids is children's church at 11 am.  Children 3 yrs - 2nd grade are invited to experience worship on their level with music, lessons, and fun.  


Children are always welcome in worship. PelhamKids gives children and parents an alternative. Either way, we LOVE our children!

In 2020, we introduced Faith5 to the congregation.  Click on the Faith5 graphic to learn more about some simple steps to incorporate faith into meaningful conversations for all ages.