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A Different Way To Be 

The church sits sideways on the property. The welcome time in worship is full of love and laughter. Women often preach here. Children help lead in worship. We reserve the right to accept everyone.

Our congregation has been a bright light for those seeking a different but authentic church experience.  We are doing our best when we are not in the church building: feeding the homeless at Triune Mercy Center, serving students at local schools, growing vegetables for a community food pantry, and doing missions. This is BEING the church.

The center of what we do “at church” is worship, Bible study and fellowship.

We respect every person’s individual faith journey while working together to serve our community and our world. Our worship reflects this core concern.

Worship, Bible study, and fellowship.

This is the center of what we do “at church.”



Our God is open, with arms stretched wide.  

Ready to embrace His broken, tired, exhausted children.  

You and me.


Our posture needs to be open.

Open hands to serve.

Open ears to hear.

Open arms to receive.


The church needs to reflect our Savior’s arms open wide.

We are sinners who found grace.

We are imperfect and flawed yet welcomed by God.

We are loved just as we are.


YOU are loved just as you are.


As we move through the year, we will explore what it means to be OPEN to God, with God, and for God.  We invite you to join us on the journey.

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