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Our stewardship program for 2023 follows St. Paul’s injunction to rejoice in hope. He counsels us to embrace an optimism grounded in both current reality and timeless faith. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we continue to move ahead with prayer and purpose. We rejoice in the ability to continue in-person worship and produce materials for social media and our online congregation.  We rejoice in the spiritual formation programs that teach, challenge, and move us forward in our lives with Christ. We rejoice in the future of our youth and children's growth in Christ.  We rejoice in the outreach into the community, country, and world to serve those in need.  We rejoice in the abundant love we share for our God, for each other and for our community.

As we learn and experience how our resources can be used for the Kingdom of God, we prayerfully consider how to tangibly express our gratitude for God’s abundance.  Through our gifts, we continue to be servants of hope in the coming year.

Rejoice in hope!

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