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If you have felt like you’ve been on pause for the past year, we get it.  We have, too.  Similar to holding your breath and hoping for some good news.  A time of hope.  A time to be renewed.  Refreshed


This theme is simple, and these days it is overused.


After a year of being on pause, practically every church will be re-emerging with the theme of renew or REFRESH.


Just as a flower unfolds over time our idea of refresh will also be an unfolding wonder.


Worship is already taking shape.

Our digital work has some familiarity and form.

Yet---our fellowship and discipleship and age group work is still in the re-fresh garage.


What it will look like is to be determined.


What is original at Pelham Road is how excited we get over things we have yet to figure out. The puzzle, the challenge, the re-inventing gives us energy.


So, while we cannot describe what re-fresh looks like, we can describe how it feels -  it’s electric, it’s the feeling you get by putting your hands in the dirt in April and feeling the coolness and nutrients in the soil, it’s the feeling you have on the first Saturday of football season, it’s laden with energy.


Come, join us and be refreshed.


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