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Welcome to
Pentecost NOW

A new wind is blowing through the church, can you hear it?  It's the sound of a fresh spirit in the body of Christ.  Experience the journey of Pentecost NOW through worship, scripture, stories, and song.  It's EXCITING!  

What is Pentecost NOW?

Pentecost NOW is an intentional process of asking disciples of Jesus to live into their giftedness. Starting May 15th in morning worship we describe how the congregation is gifted beyond measure to be the body of Christ. In the weeks that follow we add to this vision by revealing how the body is already at work in our church, businesses, and neighborhoods. On June 5 PENTECOST Sunday we step into our giftedness to serve Christ. As we offer a stewardship pledge toward the budget in November we offer a discipleship pledge toward being the body of Christ. A re-freshing time, a re-freshing way.

How can you lean into your giftedness?  Click on the Pentecost NOW logo to see all the opportunities to serve at Pelham Road.

Pentecost Now white background.png
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