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A Prayer for the Children

Christmas brings to our mind the birth of our Savior, but it also reminds us of childhood. Not simply our own children, but the joy and innocence of childhood. But again this Christmas there are children in Ukraine who will not celebrate with joy. They are living in shelters, some are orphans, many will be sick with limited antibiotics. Those who have shelter are likely to not have heat during a brutal winter.

Further there are children in Israel, some being held as hostages, others experiencing Hanukkah without a parent of sibling who was killed. Then there are children in Gaza, many orphans. Most displaced, moving frequently looking for safety.

Children are the victims in all wars. War is a crime against the future, and children are the future.

Our savior loved and welcomed children. He said, “let the little children come.” So we cannot approach Christmas this year without, at least, turning our attention in prayer and action toward children. Not simply the ones who are warm and safe down the hall from us but remembering all the children of the world----Jewish, Ukrainian, and Palestinian.


Your love for children is well known.

So we know your heart breaks when any of your precious children are fearful, cold, or sick. We pause to pray, then hope that you will call us to respond to prayer by letting our feet pray, along with our mouth.

We pray for an end to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The greatest answer for these children is that their lives could return to how it was on February 23, 2022 the day before the invasion. Protect these children by ending this war.

We pray for the safe return of the hostages to Israel. While they may have missed Hanukkah with family may they celebrate  the coming of the new year together. We pray for necessary precautions to be taken so that Palestinian children can be safe, feed, and healthy.

In the name of the one who invited children to his side we pray, Amen.   

John Roy, Pastor

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