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Two Years In - The War in Ukraine

Updated: Feb 27

by John Roy

We are two years into the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As we continue to support their fight for freedom, let us offer a prayer of support.


Lord, this is not news to you.


You have been hearing the prayers of mothers and fathers from Ukraine for two year. Cries for safety, food, help from other nations. You have heard the prayers of children, wondering what they did for this to happen.


Your scripture does not have bullies on every page. But there are a few.


Pharaoh thought he was above God and could enslave humans.

Nebuchadnezzar also bullied people and believed if he wanted it, it belonged to him.


We have enough evidence in our scripture to know you always stand with the oppressed. You did not back the Egyptians who oppressed, you aided the overmatched Hebrews. We know where your sympathies lie.


May we, and our nation, stand with you. Give us the courage to do what is necessary to offer the support and aid needed to defend the orphans and widows.


Give the Ukrainian people the strength to continue the fight wisely. Give the displaced families living in Poland, the families living on the street, the farmers trying to survive without a crop, the justice they deserve.


In the name of the one who taught us to love the bullied, defend the powerless, and stand with the oppressed we pray.  Amen

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